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Purveyor of Switzerland's Finest Mexican Food Products

At Colectivo Anónimo, it’s our mission to bring you the highest quality products on the market through a number of proprietary brands and partner sources.

Our Brands

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Since 2018, the cornerstone of our business has been our MASAMOR brand.

MASAMOR produces and resells high-quality Mexican corn products, such as freshly ground, organic nixtamal tortillas, fresh masa, totopos (tortilla chips), tostadas and more.

Refrigerated Goods
Del Barrio Logo (Rojo, Anaranjado) - Solo.png

Del Barrio

Launched in 2021, Del Barrio supplies unique Mexican food specialties.

Del Barrio currently offers Mexican specialty cheeses, made in Switzerland as well as Mexican specialty meat products such as Chorizo, made in Switzerland!

Logo - El Mini Super (WITH Bag) - Green_Yellow_Pink.png

El Mini Super

El Mini Super is a webshop carrying MASAMOR's and Del Barrio's portfolio of products as well as a selection of the most wanted mexican products in Switzerland. Delivered to your door next day!


Aargauerstrasse 250
8048 Zürich, Switzerland

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